1940 BSA M20 Restoration

January 11, 2014 at 9:33 PM

This unusual bike started out as a wartime production model M20 built by BSA for the army use in World War 2 and the frame dates it as made in 1940. As it ended up in France it was certainly sent across with the invasion troops after D-Day landings. It is believed the JAP engine which was manufactured in 1929 was originally fitted to an AJW motorcycle and that was exported to France at about that time being owned by a family in Burgandy in the eastern part of the country.

At some point the AJW must have deteriorated beyond restoration but the engine obviously survived and was eventually fitted into the 1940 BSA machine. We know the bike remained in the ownership of the Matrot family for many years and they said the machine was still called an AJW but it clearly is all BSA except for the JAP engine. The VMCC confirms its origin as a BSA wartime M20 model but with a vintage JAP engine. Some five or so years ago the bike was in need of a thorough restoration and the owner set about this work but sadly died just before completing the finishing touches. His brother in law decided to sell the bike and it was brought back to this country in 2013.

The repatriation of this interesting machine has been worthwhile if only because of the interest aroused by all who have seen it. We are now completing the restoration work for the present owner Mr Barry Care. If only the bike could tell us it's story in full!.

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